Friday, 23 November 2012

Chicken Livers

I guess this isn't really considered the type of food that's hugely popular, nor is it the height of refined dining...but, it does, surprisingly, give you a satisfyingly heart-warming feeling when you share with friends and family. 

The chicken livers are simply cooked-down with a mass of onions, and best served straight from the pan. Optional extras include peppers and parsley; which compliment the dish and gives another dimension to the flavour. Bread is a must, as it mops up the tasty juices and helps to scrape every last flavour from the sides of the pan; there's definately no need for any cutlery as the naan itself acts in place of a spoon or fork.   

My only memory of liver in the past was when my mum would make liver and spinach soup; a soup made from two of the possibly most detested ingredients to children. Needless to say, we didn't have this much. I remember that it was a watery greeny/brown broth which didn't taste much better than it looked. The only good thing was that nutritionally it was good...unfortunately, that fact alone was not strong enough to push me or my brother to eat it with a smile on our faces. 


STEP 1: Chop up a lot of onions; don't be afraid that you have too much. You can never have too many onions...they will cook down to become the best part of the dish. Chop some peppers if you have some.

Fry the onions and peppers in oil until slightly cooked down. Add a tad more oil than you would usually use.

STEP 2: Prepare and wash the chicken livers. Sprinkle some salt and leave for about 10 minutes.

Add the livers and peppers to the pan once the onions have cooked down. Add parsley if using.

 Stir occassionally. Do not overcook.

It's a great supper dish that is so simple, quick and easy. Top it up with a fresh side salad and it's a sure winner.

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