Saturday, 24 November 2012

CocaCola Truck

Hull is famous; even the CocaCola Truck came to visit!
People were queuing to have their picture taken with this truck: WHY oh WHY? I really did not understand it! But, it was really good to so many people out and about in the city centre. The weather held out just until after the lights were switched on; we, the hundereds of parents, kids and other people like me, all had a little dance to the first Christmas tunes of the year...and then it rained- actually, it absolutely chucked it down.

I don't really drink a lot of Coke, and when I do...I prefer Diet Coke. I remember a time when I was in 6th form when I lived on cans of Diet Coke. It would be like my lunch. I'm glad that I don't really like it that much anymore- I think I prefer Pepsi Max!

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