Thursday, 22 November 2012


This was given to me the other day by someone. The words accompanying this gift were, ''Have this to give you energy because of the cold weather!'' It's still in my bag, waiting until I''m so cold that I really need a sudden burst of energy to get me through the cold!  

How do you eat a KitKat? That is the debate, because everyone does it differently. You HAVE to take the outer red layer off, but leave the silver foil. Run your finger along the length of the bar...and then snap the chocolate fingers into two. Then...unwrap each side and eat! No way can you just chomp the chocolate bar without breaking it into two!!! Hence the slogan: Have a break, Have a KitKat!

KitKat's are one of those things that feature in the school lunchbox. I don't remember having one in mine when I was younger, but KitKat was something that my nextdoor neighbour would give me when I went over to visit. May and Herbert were like my grandparents when I lived in Nottingham. We would chat; they taught us songs and rhymes. Herbert loved to talk about the football and about the past. Once a week, May would bake bread using fresh yeast and you could smell it the moment you walked through the door. When my parents weren't home after school, my brother and I would go round and the four of us would play games like dominoes. They woud give us Walkers crisps and chocolate...KitKat would probably have been one of choices from the tin.  When we practiced the piano, they would listen from next door, and would comment on it the next time we spoke. Their garden was immaculate and grew vegetables and beautiful flowers. As I watched them grow older, I saw that they slowly reduced what they grew and turned the garden into lawn rather than plants.

Thinking back to those times...I remember that I already was a pretty indecisive person. May used to tease me because I would say 'I dunno!' all the time. She would ask me a question, and answer it for me using those words! To this day, I still say that...I STILL do not know what I think or want to do. It's kinda stuck. I really do treasure those days of childhood. I never grew up with any family, apart from my parents and brother, around me so it was a special bond that we had. Both May and Herbert have now passed away , but will remain in my heart forever.

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