Saturday, 9 February 2013

Apple Pie

I know, I's McDonald's.
BUT....this is almost THE most amazing apple pie. 

I remember that we used to go to McDonald's slightly more than I do now. My brother would have his chicken nugget meal and would HAVE to have his apple pie. My mum would sometimes get one as well....and we would all have a bite. 

Actually, I've been dying to have one for absolutely fact, almost everytime I walk past McDonald's. I finally gave in. Ordered an apple pie and hot chocolate (my ultimate drink to have if I feel depressed) and dung in. At Waterloo station.

They are usually red hot. So you have to take it out for a while

Take a small bite to test the 'hotness' can taste a little sweet, sticky cinnamonny apple pie goodness with the crunchy and chewy pastry.

 It's worth waiting for!....

 But, it has to be made fresh!...they definately don't last long!
Actually, one of my favourite things about the apple pie is the wrapper! the two holes where you can put your fingers to stop the apple pie from falling down again!

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