Saturday, 9 February 2013


So, Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day to the rest of the world is coming up this week. I remember back to when I was little, it was a big thing....everyone would eat pancakes. We would then all decide what we would try to give up for lent. Now, as time has gone by, somehow it's become less of an event.

May be I'll try to do something for lent this year....there's still time to think about something. I gave up chocolate one year, and it kind of lasted for a couple of years!

Crepes are like the French equivalent to the pancake. They seem to be a popular thing to be sold at fairs, a strange thing to sell,...but pretty good to eat! 

I went to the Winter Wonderland at the beginning of January with mum and dad. We tried a crepe- filled with cinnamon and sugar. Delicious. 

The batter was all ready to go, and the griddle red hot

A ladle of batter is put onto the pan and swirled around evenly

Flip after a couple of minutes

A sgenerous sprinkling of sugar and cinnamon

 Fold and it's ready to eat!

Bon appetit!!!

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