Sunday, 17 February 2013


Mc Donald's hashbrown.
There's nothing particulaly special about it...just a  pretty normal fried potatocake. May be it's because I never really get the chance to eat it- I don't tend to eat breakfast outside my home, and even if I do it's usually on a weekend.

If I ever pass a McDonald's on a morning, there's always a split seceond where I debate whether to grab a hashbrown...don't need any of the big breakfast, the syrup pancakes or the bacon , sausage and egg McMuffins...just bring on the hashbrown.

Hong Kong is the place where everyone eats breakfast either on the move, in the office, or in a restauarant or cafe- life is way too busy to prepare something at home, right?! Or may be the food is just too good in Hong Kong and you're literally spoilt for choice. For those in a real rush, there are bakeries dotted around everywhere, selling redhot sweet breads and pastries. 

So much fresh!

The classics include: pineapple bun, cocktail bun, hotdog sausage bun,...

Then there are the local cafes with as many breakfast set meals as there are for lunch; macaroni, French toast, noodles. For those who live more leisurely and can afford the time to enjoy a more traditional pace of life...dimsum is definately the way forward. The yumcha places are generally a little more relaxed and subdued during the weekday mornings....but the weekends are a place for families to gather together for 'early tea' or brunch. Tables of 12 or more people gather- old and young together to sample the Cantonese delights; the older generation keep the young happy by ordering their favourite dishes and the more mature entertain themselves with loud chitchat or browse the daily newspaper.

We can eat some rather strange delicacies first thing in the morning!...

 Noodles or rice are ordered if it's make sure that everyone is fuller than they possibly could be!

Eating breakfast out definately reminds me of Hong Kong. Breakfast in McDonald's is something that we used to have sometimes before church in North Point. I can't remember many details...but I just remember that. 

However, for today...I was pretty happy with a couple of these delicious freshly baked pretzel sticks...I even watched them being made from start to finish!


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