Wednesday, 3 April 2013


This is a rather bad picture.
I forgot to get a snap of the gigantic bowl of cornflakes with a huge scoop. That would have been a great photo.

So, it was Easter. There was an obscene amount of cornflakes....that means only one thing: chocolate crispies!! Yeh,...that is such a 'Sunday School' thing to do. I remember making them so many times with the kiddies. It's so simple and so yummy. Who wouldn't like a nest of chocolate cornflakes topped with mini eggs? I missed that. I wonder whether they made them in Hull this year? I miss the kiddies in Hull....may be they're not so small now, and probably taller than me, but I love them...and they will be kiddies to me as long as they are younger than me!!

Last Easter I made a lot of these with my mum:

This year we were miles away from each other, but mum sent a messenger to give me these!

Easter definately brings back a lot of memories: different places, different people, different foods...

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