Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Pot Noodles

I'm not really a big fan of pot noodles, but it's definately a classic Chinese 'junk food' thing and no Chinese person could really refuse it...not because it tastes good...but because of why it's eaten. For most people, it's probably eaten in the middle of the night, when hunger suddenly strikes and nothing will satisfy apart from a good bowl of savoury noodle goodness. Making pot noodles is so much easier that bringing a pan of water to the boil and slowly cooking instant noodles; less hassle and less washing up. For me, the smells of this kind of pot noodle can only be found whafting around sometime after midnight...either at home, or at a conference/retreat. 

There was about 160 people at the Easter conference this weekend. A LOT of people. We handed out pot noodles for 3 nights running- yep, we ate noodles at around 1or 2am. Crazy or what?! I'm not sure whether they are eaten out of pure hungryness or as a means to stay awake!

Being at the COCM centre reminded me of my Quinta days during the COCM staff retreat. At night, us kids were left to our own devises. The boys would play playstation- Fifa football. And when the time came, I remember cooking a huge pot of instant noodles and sharing it out.  On the last night, we would stay up to see the sunrise and hang out and chat. Good times.

People have often asked me what it's like being a pastor's kid or a missionary kid (MK). To be honest, I've never seen myself in that light. My mum and dad have only ever been mum and dad to me. They are pretty humble people and have never flounced around with any kind of 'title'. But somehow after this weekend, I realise that I am actually a MK. And actually, I'm pretty proud of my parents and what they do. For once, I think that I'm finally starting to discover and think about my past and a little of who I am, or what has made me who I am.

There are so many flavours of noodles- which do you prefer?
I think that they're all pretty much the same- just the outside packaging is a disguised as a different colour! They didn't have the blue seafood flavour, but I remember that was my brother's favourite one. I don't really mind,....but I think that the chicken one is pretty good!

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