Wednesday, 17 April 2013


There's not an awful lot for me to blog about these days. 
Feel a bit detached from reality- senseless. Or feelingness. It's kind of strange.

I went to pastorate last night. Correction, I went to the very last part- the bit where everyone prayed and then ate cake. But I went. There was some leftover food and I tried a bit. It was amazing food. Lebanese.

I remember when I went to Lebanon many years ago...the food was pretty good! I still remember going to one restaurant. They had this potato thing- it was wafer thin fried potato, in the shape of a tube. I've never seen anything like that before. I remember that it was pouring down with rain one day and we were invited into a beduoin tent. It was so warm- in both sense of the word: warm and cosy and homely as well. They brought out a big tray with small dishes of things like hummous and bread. And then there was tea. After being fed, there was the added fun of being dressed up by the women and had a headscarf put on my head.....It was great- all this and knowing how to speak a word of Arabic apart from shokran! 

It was on that trip that I learnt two of the most important words in Arabic: Yella yella! & Habibi!

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