Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Chicken George

There are chicken shops EVERYWHERE in London! Literally. It seems to be an obsession or something! But, I can understand it- fried chicken and chips is pretty good stuff! Channel 4 even did a whole programme on it a few weeks/months ago: The fried chicken shop: life in a day 

In my opinion, there are two good chicken shops in Hull; Yankie Chicken on Beverley Road and Chicken George on Paragon Square. Some of the students at the Chinese church were obsessed with Yankie for some reason, and would go to eat the chicken even after a full meal. I only ever knew of the place because I worked at the Sainsbury's Local (Jacksons) a couple of doors down and some of us would occassionally get a chicken box during our break. The shop also belonged to one of the girls there, so we all kind of 'knew' each other, as it is in Hull. I was introduced to Chicken George (see above picture) when I was at ARKH. By Salam. Every so often Salam would get us some chicken and chips to eat in the office. We would literally stink the office out, but it was great. I really do treasure those good old days.Chicken and chips never quite tastes the same without that atmosphere- plus, you get chip spice in Hull, which you don't really find anywhere else!  

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