Friday, 10 May 2013


Falafel- a middle eastern snack made from ground chickpea mixed with various spices, parsley and garlic. It's soft and light on the inside, yet crisy and crunchy on the outside. 

I can't remember the first time that I tried it, but I definately rememeber that I didn't like it- it was green on the inside!!! Now, I've grown to be quite fond of them- especially if they're fresh! The market stall near my work do a very good falafel wrap, and so does Pret!

So, everyone knows what a falafel is nowerdays- it's so wellknown. A classic meze or item found on the menus of most middle eastern restaurants in the UK. It's amazing how this humble falafel can surprisingly be sold as a pretty pricey starter!

I love markets because I love people. I was feeling a bit dull and down yesterday- the toll of a lack of sleep and being in a sleepy environment led me to escape to the outside world for a few moments. So into Tachbrook Market I wondered, in search for inspiration more than anything else. God really does know how to cheer me up: I was given a falafel heart by Ali (the guy that I met on the day of my interview), spoke to other random people from the middle east and Europe and gave out some of my own origami hearts. Felt just like old times. Felt a bit more alive. Felt more at home.   

It's so good to share love: good to be loved and good to love.

Thank you God.

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  1. I recognise these, I think - from one of the market stalls round the corner, right? Loving the snaps - making me feel all hungry again although we had lunch not long ago! x