Thursday, 9 May 2013

Toasted Teacakes

The toasted teacake is generally not the most popualr choice nowerdays when it comes to the mid-morning or afternoon snack. I guess most of us usually go for a biscuit, piece of cake or may be a cream scone. But, there is something comforting in this simple, yet filling savoury bite.

I think that I was only really introduced to this when I started to volunteer with older people at university. I found myself taking older people out on trips; often involving walking around markets and then finding a cafe to enjoy a good cup of tea and a toasted teacake. I don't think that I remember any other times when I would go for the teacake. Tasting this teacake again after such a long time relly brings me back to memories of Blackpool, Great Yarmouth, Chatsworth; thoughts of all the lovely older people that I used to see.
I'm not quite sure why it seems like such an old fashioned thing. It's kind of like a bagel, only without the hole and a lot lighter. The melted butter provdes just enough savouryness to counteract the sweetness of the bread and raisins and the tea is great to wash it all down. A fab snack that will keep you going till lunch time! It seems such an out-of-date now; only served at local cafes or teashops. We had these in RJ's in Hull on Friday morning- we seemed to fit right in, although it was the elderly people who were all having teacakes and the young people chose to have early lunches of toasties, sandwiches, or jacket potatoes. Crumpets and teacakes were definately good enough for us!  

Mmmm....good times!

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