Thursday, 2 May 2013


Skittle are my all time favourite sweets.

They usually come in small bags of about 55g doses, which is never quite enough, or in large share pouches with a lovely little rainbow sticker that you're suposed to use to re-seal the bag (thats if they ever last that long!). Either way...they taste so great! I haven't seen this packaging for ages; it's a pack that contains 4 small boxes of skittles- 2 normal flavours (red) and 2 sour flavours (green). The only time that I really saw this packaging was in the ASDA in Hull. At that time I was working at ASDA and they were on offer- needless to say, I bought a fair number of these. Seeing these again really took me back to my ASDA days as checkout girl!

I often say to people that one of my favourite jobs was working at ASDA. And I have absolutely no problem with that. I really well and truely loved it. I was there, given a task and all the tools to do it and I did it. If I needed anything, I knew that I could call someone straight away and someone would come and help me, I knew that I wasn't pressured into working at a super high speed because if the queues were too long, they would call for more tills. The only stress that you start to feel is when you start to run out of bags and the customers haven't brought their bags for life and the customer is double bagging everything. Then you start to worry. The real reason why I loved the job wasn't because it was an easy job, but because I got the chance to meet people. Normal people from the local community. I got the chance to have a conversation and have a small insight into the chunk of someone's life. From the early morning shoppers who have just come off shift and are ready to go home to bed, to those who rush in late at night to buy the emergency baby milk, the weekends where grown adullt children bring their elderly parent to buy their weekly groceries and where couples get their pizza, bottle of wine and movie snacks ready for a nice night in. It's fascinating. So many stories, so many different people's lives. On the odd occassions, you'll come across the same people and you can have a sense of familiarity for those few minute that you serve them- you can go a little beyond the 'how are you today'. It was funny to be there during particular times; there was the digital change-over where everyone suddenly came in to buy the digital box thing and we were sold out, parents often run in trying to get a advent calendar or easter eggs for their kids, and there's the mad rush at Christmas. People are funny.    

Yes, life is pretty interesting to say the least. We have all have a different life that doesn't really seem to overlap quite as much with other people. I'm pretty blessed to have been able to meet different people from different walks of life and see a little into how they live and what for. 

Taste the Rainbow- there's always sunshine after the rain and hope that comes with the rainbow.

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