Monday, 3 December 2012

Amilee's 'Nanaimo Bars'

A sign that the Christmas season has arrived!

May be not for most of us, but for Amilee, the making of this special chocolate treat is really one of the symbolic events of Christmas. The recipe was passed on from her mum, who originally got the recipe from a friend who had relatives in Canada. Historically, this chocolate topped, custard and biscuit based bar can be traced back to Canada, in a place called Nanaimo. Apparently, a lady submitted the recipe for a competition, and it's been popular ever since. Before the days of the Internet and Google, this recipe was kept top-secret by Amilee's mum she would not tell...only Amilee would remember bashing up the digestive biscuits using a rolling pin. Friend's and colleague's would eagerly look forward to their annual Christmas gift of a beautifully wrapped parcel of chocolate goodness. This year,  Bertie, Amilee's son, had the chance to play a part in carrying on this tradition of making these bars to give to others for Christmas; Bertie was given the honour of bashing up the biscuits!   

The Nanaimo Bar is a very rich and sweet cube of chocolate delight, that would not be refused by any chocolate lover. It's perfect for a gift at Christmas...just make sure that you make plenty as it will soon be eaten up and will also serve well as a last- minute present for any unexpected guests. The bottom layer is a crumbly biscuit base which has chopped nuts and coconut. The topping is simply a chocolate-butter coating and the whole thing is sandwiched together with a soft custardy centre. 

Make the bar in a tray and leave to set, when chilled, cut into square using a sharp knife, dipped in hot water. 

Wrap in cellophane and tie with ribbon

 Keep the oddly chopped pieces and crumbled bits in a tub in the fridge- nibble when feeling peckish

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