Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Char Siu Rice

Such a classic simple Hong Kong fast food dinner.

People buy a 'ricebox' filled with literally boiled rice and this delicious roast pork. With a spoonful of roasting juices and may be a dollup of minced ginger and spring onion; it is the perfect lunch or dinner for a busy working person in Hong Kong.

It reminds me of the restaurants in HK, where you can see the roasted ducks, char siu, crispy roast pork, chicken and other odd things all hung up in the shop window, ready to be eaten. It looks so good and smells so appetising.  People often buy some of the meat to compliment their dinner at home, as it's so much easier to buy than to cook, especially since everybod's kitchen is so tiny.

Mmmm....I long to go back to HK...the closest I'm gunna get is China Town in London; a million miles from home....

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