Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Kubba is a versatile snack that can be eaten anytime, with any meal. It is great as a side dish and a light accompaniment to the main meal.

These small dumplings can be made in advanced, frozen and stored in the freezer. It is perfect for the times when the tiredness or busyness of life takes over and you don't really want to cook, or when an unexpected guest comes along.

There are different types of kubba; depending of what it's made of, how its cooked, and where it's made:
  • Kubba potato chub- the outer pastry is made from mashed potato
  • Kubba burlgul- bulgar wheat is incorporated to form the outer coating
  • Kubba hawan/temin/shalgham- uncooked rice is used for the coating. It is made in a soup
  • Kubba haleb- cooked rice is used for encasing the meat misture
 I'm sure that there are many more varieties- can't wait to try them all...one day!


STEP 1: Take some cooled rice (cooked with turmeric)

Put rice into blender

Blend for a few minutes so that the rice becomes small granules- it will look a little like couscous..


Knead/blend the rice until it forms a dough

STEP 2: Make the keema to go inside the kubba:

Fry minced lamb, raisins, pine nuts, and parsley....
Allow to cool

STEP 3: Take small balls of the rice dough and mould into balls. Make a hollow and fill with a little of the meat mixture.

Seal the 'parcel' and form into an oval shape

At this point, you can freeze them to eat later

STEP 4: Deep-fry in oil until cooked through

STEP 5: Serve with lots of different dishes!

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