Wednesday, 13 March 2013


It's not only lemon drizzle cake, but it's HOMEMADE!

I miss being able to bake. I contemplated making one in the microwave, and I even came across a recipe for the rice cooker but that thought very quickly stopped there. There is nothing better than freshly baked homemade cake with a cup of good old English tea!

This wonderfully moist cake was baked by my colleague's girlfriend. By 10am, everyone in the office had a cup of tea and a generous slice of this traditional delight.

I remember that I used to get up really early and make cake, and bring it to work when it was still warm. There was a time lat year when I went through a phase of making a lemon yoghurt cake and a chocolate cake- Mary Berry's recipe. It was amazing! I loved randomly being about to give people cake; I think that there must be something fulfilling about being able to feed cake to friends and family, because there is hardly anyone who will refuse a slice of good cake.

My earliest memory of baking was probably making butterfly cakes at primary school. You have to chop the top off the fairy cake, cut it in half and arrange the bits back onto the top of the cake by using buttercream to 'glue' it all back together. Loved baking at school! I wonder whether they still do that...maybe it's too unhealthy!...but way yummy! 

Makes me think about my priorities; the next time I move house...there has GOT to be an oven!

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