Monday, 18 March 2013


Oh my days....the moment that I bit into this shwarma, there was this massive sense of familiarity about it. I'm not actually sure what it was, but I sure have missed it. I think that it's the lamb, the bread and the salad....I hadn't really eaten food like that for a while. For £3.50- a massive lamb shwarma salad sandwich with as much salad on the side as you want. What more could I ask for?

I stumbled across this place when I was going to check out the CHINESE supermarket. After picking up a few random Chinesey things such as cheung fun and preserved vegetables and my sichuan oil, I wondered down the road. Saw the shisha bars...although I kind of love the warm aroma of the flavoured tobacco, I've never quite had the urge to try it out; but the smell is extremely homely and reminds me of Hull. There were numberous Chinese restuarants with the roast duck and pork hanging up in the window, the usual Tesco Express and various other food chains. And then there was this:

I looked, saw this and knew that it was going to be good stuff!

 I know I'm Chinese at heart, but there is something inside me that is definately almost half middle-eastern!

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