Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Amazingness...I found a LIDL.In London.
After seeing millions of Sainsbury's Local, Tescos Metro and the odd Waitrose Mini or Morrisons...I was so overly excited to stumble across LIDL.

Yes, I am a proper cheapskate.

In Hull I used to drive past this sign probably 2-3 times a day....
I miss going there every Friday with Kelly to do the weekly shop for the to Friday night student dinner at church. We were such a good team- £1 per head...not bad for a student budget! Although the vegetables aren't all that fresh, they're not so bad if you eat it straight away. I reckon that LIDL do some of the best freshly baked pastries...if you time it right when they come straight out of the oven. My toothbrushes come from LIDL- the cheap 4 pack that comes in 4 different colours!!....Sigh...

I remember when I worked at the Sainsbury's (or Jacksons as it was called back in the day) across the road from LIDL. We watched the site where LIDL now is develop to become the rival supemarket. And not only the rival, but the better and cheaper rival. It was a strange period of time and all of us didn't know how it would impact our store. Luckily, Sainsbury's was going through a huge period of upgrade and change as well and we somehow survived the battle...and it is still there today!!! I think that both shops are busy, in their own different ways.

So, the next challenge is to find an ALDI and ASDA. 
That  would really make my day!

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