Monday, 11 March 2013

Portuguese Egg Tart

Who hasn't eaten a good egg custard tart before?

I'm not too sure about the English-style  one, but every Hong Konger will probably savour at the thought of a red hot 'dan tat', freshly baked from the local bakers. If you get your timings right, you can see the lovely delicate pastries being taken out in trays, cooled slightly and then gently tapped out of the metal casing and put into paper cases. Depending on how many you buy, the delicious sweet snacks will be packed into paper boxes and tied up with ribbon.  It's a good old proper afternoon tea snack.

I remember that if we went to visit my grandparents during the afternoon, we would often go up with a box of tarts, or we would pop downstairs (6 flights of stairs with no lift) to get these fresh tarts from the bakery downstairs. Despite the boiling and humidity of HK, it was always worth it!

These tarts in the photograph were bought from the Italian shop round the corner from my work. They are SO good...a touch too sweet even for me, but extremely good! They are actually more like the Portuguese tart (in Cantonese we call them 'po tart'). They sell them in KFC in Hong Kong and if you're really obsessed, you can go to Macau to have one. It's definately a must!

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