Sunday, 10 March 2013


Butterfly pastries. 
That what we  call them in Chinese. I remember back in the day when I would make these light, crispy sweet snacks with my mum. It wasn't that often, but I definately remember talking about it. 
You just have to roll out ready-made puff pastry, sprinkle on a generous amount of brown sugar and fold, cut, shape and bake. It's so good! And so easy to make! No effort!

The palmiers in the photograph are rather large and exquisite- I took this picture in Harrods! A bit too posh for me! The small homemade ones are just as good, especially if you eat them pipping-hot when they have just come out of the oven and have cooled down enough to crispen up.

Today is mother's day. It's probably one of the first Mothering Sunday's where I haven't actually been home. It's strange. Today will be a normal day. No special dinner with mummy. No buying a bunch of tulips or roses for her. Is it a sign that I've grown up? Nevertheless, I wish that I was home. 
There's never anywhere better than home. 

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